1973 Ford Mustang Convertible

302ci.2v Auto.

Poppy Red with white roof and a white deluxe interior.

This was an unrestored example - it had good, regular maintenance and some gentle mods as you can see from the pics below ('72 front bumper, spoiler et.). It's a numbers matching car with all its original running gear. Updates on the car are in the main cosmetic or sensible minor things like moving the battery into the boot and adding an isolator switch.

An Edelbrock inlet manifold, Edelbrock 4bl carb and a nice big air filter have been fitted. Headman headers and a pair of cherry bombs were installed around Springtime '05 - it sounds fabulous (as you'd expect) - very quiet when you idle and delivers a proper roar that sucks small animals from the hedgrows when you put the hammer down. It has a radio/CD player fitted to fill what would otherwise be a hole in the dash - if you choose to listen to local radio rather than the V8 underneath you then you need therapy.

The roof spent 99% of its time down while I owned the car - had plenty of dry use - it never went out in the rain although I'm sure it wouldn't suffer - I didn't want to be the one responsible for any deterioration in condition.

While owning this car I fitted new door cards (same as the original spec.), new bumpers and as you can see in the pics I converted the front back to a '72 spec. The '73 had the very heavy 5mph bumper in the car's body colour which looked nasty to me and didn't work with the chrome rear bumper at all. I also fitted the front spoiler and a set of decent carpet mats. The American Racing Mags were all pretty out-of-the-box condition but for the occassional layer of dust. The carpet was good but a bit faded here and there - I just never got around to that job.

The paintwork is really nice as the pics show - in fabulous condition and looking a million dollars. The Ram Air bonnet alone is a work of art. It has a few very (and I mean very) minor nicks in a couple of places that have been touched in rather than left as open wounds - but you have to look for them or know where they are - I'm talking the size of a baby's finger nail one's on the top of a rear wheelarch. I should have re-done them with an airbrush but they just weren't noticeable enough to motivate me.

It returned superb mileage considering it's capacity - doing a good 20+ to the gallon. I never drove her hard which is probably why I got good consumption - she's not an STi - she likes to just thump around and give people a chance to see her rather than appear briefly sideways from a plume of smoke.