1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

429/460ci. Auto.

Extensive resoration and modification work had been carried out on this car in the US
between late 2003 and 2004.
It was brought over in 04 by the guy who built it.
Pictures shown below should speak for themselves. No expense was spared on this project.
The car had covered just short of 1,000 miles in the condition it shows in the pics when I acquired it.

• Most of the panels were replaced. Rust was not a feature anywhere on this car.
There is a small (and I mean small - pic below) filler area on the crease between the boot lid
and rear wing and a little obviously blending in the rear spoiler fairly badly.
The last owner's dad did the paint - oops!

• The Shelby boot copy is fibreglass as is the hood (hence the less than superb fit).

• The convertible roof was new and the motor worked fine.
The rear window is glass - not plastic.

• Both front and rear bumpers were new.

• Badges and emblems - all new, fuel filler cap and sill plates too.

• Fuel tank - new along with its electric pump etc.

• 9" rear axle was rebuilt at a cost of $2,000 apparently.

• Gearbox - Lentech Street Terminator ($4,000) with OD model and B&M Shifter.

• New Fuel pressure regualtor and Demon carb.

• New alloy radiator and twin oil coolers (very nice!).

• Power brakes - front grooved disc set-up from a 94 Mustang along with strusts and chrome springs.

• 17" Polished American racing mags and all 4 tyres in superb wear (no spare).

• New front sports bucket seats.

• New carpet and mats fitted. New door cards and front trim.

The only thing that let it down was the finish and it really did let it down for me. I swapped this for the red 73 and although, on paper in terms of numbers like enigine size and value it looks like I got a slightly worse deal, this one had to have a lot more dough spent on it. Had to have power steering fitted and needed a speedo (useful with the power it had on hand to have an idea of your velocity as you pass the Gatso). The paint just had to be re-done. The fuel pressure was erratic too and never got sorted. Last I heard it had 2 owners in 1 year after me who both gave up - and finally a third managed to kill it in traffic somewhere in the West Country. So I think I did OK with the little 302 afterall.



Make no mistake - this car was MONSTROUS!

This Mustang offered well over 550hp.